What is a love binding spell?

A love binding spell is the spell casted to bind a person whom you love with you permanently .By casting the love binding spell you will be assured that youbelovedis yours for ever as he/she will think and wonder only about you once you have casted this spell on him/her.

What are the benefits of casting a love binding spell?

  • You are able to get your love
  • Assurance of loyalty
  • Cover risk of social stigma
  • To strengthen the bonding further

What sort of magic should be used to cast the love binding spell?

The love binding spell can be casted using various kinds of magic .All magic are equally effective what magic you want to use will depend totally on what circumstances are there while you are casting the spell. Method and the ingredients used will depend on the kind of magic that is used to cast the spell.

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What is the method to cast a love binding spell?

As there are a lot of love binding spells casted by the use of various types of magic so there is no single consistent method that may be used to cast all the love binding spells. The method to cast a spell will depend on the kind to spell casted and the situation in which it is casted.

What are the ingredients used to cast alove binding spell?

Then ingredients used to castea love bindingspells are different for every spell since the method technique varies according the type of magic that is used to caste the spell .The ingredients used to cast a spell by black magic will be different from the ones used to caste a white magic spell.

What is the proper time to cast the love binding spell?

There is no set time to cast the spell. The time is decidedaccording to the spell that is casted.Black magic spell will be more effective if it is casted at night while the white magic spell would be effective if it is casted during the daytime.

What is the ideal place to cast the love binding spell?

There is no prescribed place that can be used to cast every spell .It will depend on the spell that you are casting The white magic spell could be casted at any place even at your home .The black magic spell needs to be casted at some lonely and isolated place where there is no one except you.